Saturday, September 02, 2006

Poetry...I think...

Worse poetry: 1:41am

The sun through the curtains
Of gossamer white
The light filters through
The lids of my eyes

The warmth on my cheeks
The sheets 'gainst my skin
My head on his chest
Tucked beneath his chin

The purdah of a smiling face
Conceals the person inside
As well as those worn
By any sheikhs bride

For whom do you wai
tWith your sly, sad smile
With lie upon lie
-no substance, just style?

Are you who
You say you are?
Do you trust me
More than I trust thee?

Do I want you to go?
Do you like
What I have said?
Do you want to go?

The eyes open
The curtain drops
The heart beats

Above written as a response to something over at Kunal's blog...not quite sure why...possibly because its 3:40 am, and friends are dancing over at a bar, and I'm not as I'm rather sleepy

night...and Happy Birthday David S...Dunno where I'd be without your AIM advice when stewing in Japan...


At 2:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Creepy, I don't like it when people watch me sleep. Thanks for noticing my great style though :)


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